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Craig Marshall ~ Cubensis

 June 23, 2022  CRAIG MARSHALL ~NFA 

"By the power vested in me: I  hereby declare today will be Craig Marshall Day!" 

- Richard Lawson bandmate and friend

Craig Marshall 1952-2022 (musician) 

On the 16th of June the friends, family, band members, and fans of Cubensis Grateful Dead Music Experience lost an amazing human. For weeks good stories about Craig and how the music joined many people's lives in the most positive ways flooded the social media feeds. Craig's Farewell show which was already planned to be the bands 35th Anniversary concert was held on June 23, 2022. The show must go on! 

Hundreds of people gathered to mourn, love, dance, and honor the life of Craig. Many musicians poured their heart and soul out to the crowd from the stage that day. The Box of Rain stood quietly next to the flowers, custom tie dyes, and banner of Craig that attendees signed. (credit to : John Enriquez) 

The Box of Rain collected memories, love, and sentiments of beauty as a one last message to him. 

*These messages will be displayed sometime soon in the future.*

                                   ~Standing on the moon With nothing left to do 
                                                Lovely view of Heaven but I'd rather be with you~

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Picture a bright blue ball, Just spinnin', spinnin, free. Dizzy with the possibilities. Ashes, ashes, all fall down.


An installment in The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.
By David Dodd Library, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

This exchange appeared in Hunter's mailbag on 8/6/96 from a Charlie Bass. 

He inquired to Hunter, "Robert, if you would, please tell me what you were thinking when you penned the phrase "box of rain." What, for you, does a box of rain represent. I am not asking for the meaning of the song, or for you to explain the song to me -- I spent plenty of time on my own doing that. I am just terribly curious how you came to choose that image."

The response was, "Charlie, well, I don't like to do this, since it encourages others to ask about what I had in mind when I wrote a song, and mostly you'd need to have my mind to understand even approximately what I had in it. By "box of rain," I meant the world we live on, but "ball" of rain didn't have the right ring to my ear, so box it became, and I don't know who put it there."   [rh]

Sticker credit: (glitter cloud and drops) 

ArtByViivianRodarte (holographic world globe) 

Love will see you through

 It's just a box of rain

I don't know who put it there
Believe it if you need it
or leave it if you dare
But it's just a box of rain
or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long long time to be gone
and a short time to be there


Jerome John Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

 Robert C. Christie Hunter  (June 23, 1941 - September 23, 2019)

"Ripple" composed and written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter.

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men

There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone



Pictures and Lyrics

Look into any eyes
you find by you, you can see
clear through to another day
I know it's been seen before
through other eyes on other days

while going home --
What do you want me to do,
to do for you to see you through?
It's all a dream we dreamed
one afternoon long ago

Walk into splintered sunlight
Inch your way through dead dreams
to another land
Maybe you're tired and broken
Your tongue is twisted
with words half spoken
and thoughts unclear

What do you want me to do
to do for you to see you through
A a box of rain will ease the pain
and love will see you through

Just a box of rain -
wind and water -
Believe it if you need it,
if you don't just pass it on
Sun and shower -
Wind and rain -
in and out the window
like a moth before a flame

Sticker credits : 


Art made with love from the Pacific Northwest!

Lyrics and Pictures

 Look out of any window 
Any morning, any evening, any day
Maybe the sun is shining
Birds are winging or rain is falling from a heavy sky
What do you want me to do
To do for you to see you through?
For this is all a dream we dreamed
One afternoon long ago
Walk out of any doorway
Feel your way, feel your way like the day before

What do you want me to do
To watch for you while you're sleeping?
Well please don't be surprised
When you find me dreaming too

Sticker credit: on etsy

Colorful calaca and Latinx art to make you smile.

Napa, California


Friday, July 15, 2022

S&R 2022 Remembers...

  • Johnny's Dad
  • Marcella Kathleen Herberg 1921-2021 - musician-teacher
  • Morris Caraway
  • Christina from QB Marlin shows
  • Steve Harris
  • Thomas M. Hart
  • Dawn/ Max/ Madelyn/ Ron/ Jim/ Karo/ Sheila
  • Lisa McNutt
  • Dena Gomez
  • Gianni Sacco
  • Kasey 
  • Mom/ Dad/ Jenny/ Dana/ Judy/ Norma/ Jerry   xo
  • John Ryan / Miss you!
  • Hashem Bless those who are missed. Abe/ Mark/ Michael
  • Kay Bennett
  • Beth Van Ert
  • Katilyn
  • Patches
  • My mom Ruth Sarah Friedman - Love to All
  • George Hamilton / Dad
  • Piper Jackson
  • Scotty - Leader of the Makers
  • Wade - Psychodelitrike 
  • Aunt Linda
  • Wade
  • Jay Kelley "Welcome home!" -Motor 
  • Uncle Butch
  • Mom + Dad
  • Patti G.
  • Victims of War
  • V. Cathy Layne - I love you Mom! R.I.P
  • Agnes Hart
  • Amy White Levinson
  • Grandpapa Fettke - Loved dearly 
  • My Pops. Bobby Kladifke
  • JR
  • Leah M. - mini GDIOS
  • Evan C.
  • Drew Grose
  • Kate's Brother Oak
  • Daddy Ullman
  • Grandma Jane
  • Peggy
  • Kay Gillette North/ Kay North Bennett/ Lowell North 
  • Jill
  • Willard Call North/ Juanita North 
  • Ivy Infante UR GDIOS
  • Jacob
  • P.P. Grand aka Pig
  • Troh
  • Harley
  • C Jiivanesh 
  • Alex
  • Haley
  • Josiah Hilderbrand
  • Kaden
  • Danny "Fuckass" Halston - A New Yorker with a 💛 of God
  • Sol 🌞 Baby 
  • Brooke's Mom
  • Sleep in the stars *Mr. Lee*
  • Boomer
  • Kirk Moulton
  • Julie
  • Margaret
  • Camille 
  • blastoff ↗ Kim
  • Jerry Garcia/ Ralph/ Joan White/ Gordon White/ Pete Madson/ Michelle Gibby/ Sugar Bear +Peter 
  • Kay Gillette North 
  • Tom
  • Jonelle
  • Pete will see you soon
  • Jack and Marion
  • Love you Grandmas
  • Bruce Spangenberger
  • Rufus
  • My Dad Jackson M. Sismory Esq/ Man Arty Jew of Duke + Pitt/ to Ruth son hubby 
  • Kecia Millan Ponce 
  • Tim - you would have love this. Miss you Man. ECV
  • Sheila Kaye
  • Ruth May
  • Charlia
  • LORI
  • Kat/ Bill the Oystermak/ Randy Boker/ Courtney
  • Dad/ Grandpa/ Sonny
  • Mom & Dad Giannell : Always supported my travels!
  • Jeffrey - you have my heart dear brother
  • David Ingram Boyd
  • Grandma . Brent / Grandpa Jerry  - Love you Bryab, Russel and All 
  • Poppy
  • Ike Vaso Walt + Helen - My loves xoxo
  • Ricki Manahan
  • HILO
  • Markitos
  • Evelyn
  • Michael Horne
  • Zoe + Jean/ Martha & Julle
  • Nature Boy Ben
  • Zyphyr Miklochlan Shoebridge "Chewy" 
  • Melba & Pete/ Miss You 
  • Bryles McCuchin
  • Vann Ransom
  • Nancy
  • Alex Wilfert
  • Dog
  • Mark Kellor 
  • Jane & Casey  xxx
  • Matt & Jeff Harding Brothers Together 
  • Jody - I   miss you and love you 
  • JAYME Chilberti 
  • Oats-Miss you bro 
  • Jin Lee
  • Josiah Hilderbrand
  • Annika Timmermans - Beloved momma of Tina Olson Mercer
  • Gene Hanlin
  • Jennipher Thorne 2021
  • Wendy Darling 
  • Joni Fagan
  • JLA
  • Marcia - You kept me up till 4
  • Rod + Nutch
  • Daniel Preston Hogan 1995
  • Holly 
  • David Brenner
  • John 
  • Gordie/ Grandma Fulton
  • Jill
  • Rocky and Toasty
  • Gary Lee, I love you now and forever Diane 
  • Kay Gillette North 
  • Red Dog
  • Scott F's DAD
  • Kay 
  • Rose
  • MOM
  • Kathleen 
  • Jason Carbonell / Yarra Tammen/ Nick Snow 
  • Epsie Lee/ Edgar/ Nellie Jim 
  • we love you Kimmie - Mary, Bryan Vader
  • INGY & DON
  • Granny Pierce/ Granny Unwin 
  • Casey ---- ------ 4-4-22 R.I .P
  • Love
  • Be Amazing to Yourself - Nancy Arizona 
  • Do what you have to do, so that you may do what you want to do 
  • I  borrowed some ribbon to wear - Love you 
  • I  borrowed this one too!
  • Smile. Smile. Smile.
  • Brush your teeth 
  • Chocolate syrup and Handcuffs
  • you know who you are... doing that thang to scratch your thang... 
  • and one paperback copy of The Secret book of Secrets 
This was a best attempt to translate the writing from the ribbons placed in the Box. If you see your info and it needs any editing please know you are welcome to kindly notify us of the corrections needed. 

We can't add any more to the list as this was the list that entered the Box of Rain at S&R 2022 festival. Look for us at a future fest...We pray for love, peace, and healing to all hearts. 💖🌈🌠


The Alligators

"Emerging out of the swamps of Southern California, The Alligators were formed to celebrate the music of the Grateful Dead, "Pigpen" and beyond!"

The manager of the band and founder of Skull & Roses festival, Chris Mitrovich honored the passing of the bandmate and friend C.J "McSwamp" Robertson by having the Box of Rain art piece at the 2022 event. A small stuffed animal alligator wearing C.J's shirt guarded the box all weekend.

 C.J the bands percussionist, is greatly missed. (SEP. 1969 - NOV. /2020) CHOMP CHOMP !! 


Skull & Roses 2022

 The Box of Rain was first placed for the public view and use at the Skull & Roses festival in Ventura, Ca. 

This event had been put on hold because of Covid restrictions and concerns, but during April 7-10 hundreds of fans and family gathered to camp, sing, hug, and enjoy the biggest celebration of Grateful Dead history and music. 

It was quite symbolic to have the Box of Rain debut it's beginning at the end of the dusty road and Shakedown Street. It sat quietly in front of a custom painted trailer that has seen many miles. Names of those people who are missed and remembered were placed into the box while drumming circles hosted by Wahlbangers Drum Circle Organization called out to the beyond. 

Unplanned and cosmically driven, the Box of Rain had it's first public placement during the same year that Phil Lesh performed. He sang to our hearts and minds on Sunday closing out the festival that hosted Melvin Seals and JGB, Big Steve Parish, Oteil and Friends, DSO, and so many other super star musicians who brought the spirit of the Grateful Dead back to life. 

The Box of Rain was a place to remember those we love. 

Its was placed to ease the pain and collect the names 

of those whom have inched their way 

through Dead dreams to another land.

The invite to write their names on a ribbon and gently place them into the box was used by many. 

The following page will be a list in honor and support of those names. 


It's Just a Box of Rain

 I  don't know who put it there. 

The vision for the Box of Rain memorial art piece came at time when loved ones were told to isolate from each other, many passed away, and many dreamed of a time that once was, before the pandemic of 2020. The Box of Rain was created from a family heirloom with a vision of giving some reflective space to honor those that have passed on. 


"Box of Rain" is a song that features Phil Lesh in his first lead vocal for the band the Grateful Dead. It opens side one of the album "American Beauty" released in November 1970. It entered the concert repertoire on October 9, 1972 at Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA. 

Collaborated with Robert Hunter, "Phil Lesh wanted a song to sing to his dying father and had composed a piece complete with every vocal nuance but the words.... If ever a lyric "wrote itself" this did as fast as the pen would pull."

Box of Rain was the last song the band played together in concert with Jerry Garcia on July 9, 1995 as a final encore at Soldier Field, Chicago. Symbolically, it was the first song played at the Fare thee Well reunion July 3, 2015. 

Is life a full circle? Is it a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago?

This space is for the memory and love to continue on

to honor our friends and family 

we will not forget. 


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