Friday, July 15, 2022

It's Just a Box of Rain

 I  don't know who put it there. 

The vision for the Box of Rain memorial art piece came at time when loved ones were told to isolate from each other, many passed away, and many dreamed of a time that once was, before the pandemic of 2020. The Box of Rain was created from a family heirloom with a vision of giving some reflective space to honor those that have passed on. 


"Box of Rain" is a song that features Phil Lesh in his first lead vocal for the band the Grateful Dead. It opens side one of the album "American Beauty" released in November 1970. It entered the concert repertoire on October 9, 1972 at Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA. 

Collaborated with Robert Hunter, "Phil Lesh wanted a song to sing to his dying father and had composed a piece complete with every vocal nuance but the words.... If ever a lyric "wrote itself" this did as fast as the pen would pull."

Box of Rain was the last song the band played together in concert with Jerry Garcia on July 9, 1995 as a final encore at Soldier Field, Chicago. Symbolically, it was the first song played at the Fare thee Well reunion July 3, 2015. 

Is life a full circle? Is it a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago?

This space is for the memory and love to continue on

to honor our friends and family 

we will not forget. 


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