Friday, July 15, 2022

Skull & Roses 2022

 The Box of Rain was first placed for the public view and use at the Skull & Roses festival in Ventura, Ca. 

This event had been put on hold because of Covid restrictions and concerns, but during April 7-10 hundreds of fans and family gathered to camp, sing, hug, and enjoy the biggest celebration of Grateful Dead history and music. 

It was quite symbolic to have the Box of Rain debut it's beginning at the end of the dusty road and Shakedown Street. It sat quietly in front of a custom painted trailer that has seen many miles. Names of those people who are missed and remembered were placed into the box while drumming circles hosted by Wahlbangers Drum Circle Organization called out to the beyond. 

Unplanned and cosmically driven, the Box of Rain had it's first public placement during the same year that Phil Lesh performed. He sang to our hearts and minds on Sunday closing out the festival that hosted Melvin Seals and JGB, Big Steve Parish, Oteil and Friends, DSO, and so many other super star musicians who brought the spirit of the Grateful Dead back to life. 

The Box of Rain was a place to remember those we love. 

Its was placed to ease the pain and collect the names 

of those whom have inched their way 

through Dead dreams to another land.

The invite to write their names on a ribbon and gently place them into the box was used by many. 

The following page will be a list in honor and support of those names. 


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