Tuesday, February 14, 2023

"Half a mile from Tucson
By the morning light
One man gone and another to go
My old buddy you're moving much too slow."…

 https://gemandjamfestival.com/ provided a beautiful weekend for the Box of Rain.                       

We hope your hearts are full. 
The Box of Rain is full of the names of those we love and miss so dearly.
Look for the memorial list here soon.


(pictured above) Ron ‘Pigpen’ McKernan started the Grateful Dead, he was the frontman and harmonica player until his passing in 1973.  His love of black music, whether it be soul, R&B, funk, or blues, never waned in his lifetime. This weekend the Box of Rain was dressed in very special artwork from Willard Snow's Legends and Idols collection.



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